Hallingdal65 fra Kvadrat
Hallingdal65 fra Kvadrat
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Hallingdal65 Kvadrat stof
Hallingdal uldstof fra Kvadrat
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Hallingdal65 fra Kvadrat
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Hallingdal65 fra Kvadrat
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Hallingdal65 fra Kvadrat
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Hallingdal65 fra Kvadrat
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Hallingdal fra Kvadrat
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Hallingdal fra Kvadrat
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Hallingdal65 fra Kvadrat
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Hallingdal65 fra Kvadrat
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Blå Hallingdal65
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Hallingdal65 fra Kvadrat
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Hallingdal65 fra Kvadrat

1.199,00 kr
1.199,00 kr
Inklusive moms.

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Vælg den farve du ønsker i dropdown-menuen. Prisen er opgjort pr. meter og rullebredden på Hallingdal er ca. 130 cm. Mere information omkring stoffets egenskaber kan ses på Kvadrats hjemmeside.

Minimumskøb 1 meter
Fragt kr. 80,-

Kvadrat’s first textile ‘Hallingdal’ has become the archetype of woollen textiles. The very durable upholstery fabric was originally designed in 1965 by Nanna Ditzel, and is now available in a version with an updated colour scale: Hallingdal 65. Hallingdal 65 is made of wool and viscose, which complement each other well: the wool provides excellent durability and flexibility, whilst the viscose adds brilliance and depth to the colour. Both materials are dyed before they are spun, which highlights the rich texture of the fabric