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Sanding and soaping of Wegner GE290A

Sanding and soaping of Wegner GE290A

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In connection with delivering new cushions for your GE290A, we can also offer to sand and treat your armchair. At Møbelfix, we are experts in polishing and sanding down furniture. For example, we have extensive experience in sanding and soaping Wegner's GE290A armchair. There is no middle ground when it comes to sanding such a chair, so sandblasting or chemicals are of course not an option :-)

Depending on what the chair has been exposed to in the past, the treatment will vary slightly, but most often we clean the chair and sand it with a machine with grain 180. The chair is then washed with demineralized water, so that the wood fibers will stand up. It is then sanded again and then treated with a good soap solution. Wait a few minutes and then wipe off excess soapy water. When the chair is dry, intermediate sanding can be done and the treatment can be repeated. Finally, sand with a soft sanding sponge in e.g. grain 220.

* Offered only in connection with the purchase of a new cushion set.

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